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My Spiritual Journey

When I was younger, my friends would be surprised when I could tell when something was wrong even if they initially denied it. Later in life, I realized that this was part of my empath skills. There were instances where I "just knew" something was going to happen but at that point in time considered it a coincidence. In my adolescent years, I began exploring my spirituality and bought my first tarot deck that I still use to this day. Exploring my own spirituality and my skills was not fully supported at that point in time as I grew up in a Christian household where many of these tools and skills were frowned upon. So I dove into various spiritual books to try to gain some understanding on any and all topics that I could.

After graduating high school and into my first year of college, I had some personal profound life changes. It was during this time in my life that I really sought out answers within my spirituality. This is where I resonated with past life work and life purpose/life path.  Since then I have accessed multiple past lives to gain further understanding of patterns and relationships to heal and access long forgotten skills. 

In about the year 2014, I took a Psychic Development class through 2 Guys in the Know, which is where I learned that I was not only psychic but a medium as well. In the year 2018, I was invited to be a part of Dark Corner Investigations Midwest. I was so nervous but pulled the two leaders aside and told them that I am a psychic-medium. During our first investigation, I felt as if I jumped off the edge of dock to see how far I could swim....and swim I did. My accuracy turned multiple individuals on the team to be more open and believe in psychic-mediums. Not only that but it made me want to learn more about this skill that I have.

Since then, I have been doing everything I can to fine tune and enhance my mediumship skills. I have taken an advanced Psychic Development class through 2 Guys in the Know, been mentored under DeEtte Renae, as well as, expanded my spiritual tribe that help support me in this process. 

I continue to dive deep into myself and my past lives to ultimately remember who I am which I believe is part of our life lesson and purpose in coming here to earth. I have done shadow work and accessed many past lives to heal and further integrate myself. In the process, I have begun to focus more on getting myself out to the community at large so that I can in turn help others on their spiritual journey in becoming fully healed and find sound footing on their life paths. 

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My Intention

I decided to start my own business in providing readings to others as I saw how much it helped others gain guidance, understanding, direction, and often closure. 

I have my Masters degree in clinical psychology and genuinely want to help others. 

I find that I am able to blend the two well as it enables me to discuss and pass on messages that may be initially difficult to hear but is very much needed in order to heal and live one's best life possible.

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