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Grave Seekers

Paranormal Investigators Jamie (Indigo) and Wes are here to help those who may be afflicted by the paranormal to provide guidance and understanding.

Grave Seekers: In the Press

Welcome to Grave Seekers

Grave Seekers welcome you to things forthcoming.

Grave Seekers: Video

Our Journey

Wes and I met and easily connected on our love of the paranormal. We started talking about making our own series and what our mission would be which is not to prove that the paranormal exists but to provide confirmation and help to those that may be experiencing paranormal activity. We knew coming from our media production backgrounds that we could deliver a compelling, intricate, and quality driven series for our viewers. From there we developed a sound team that had similar standards and viewpoints. 

Our team consists of Steve Muckway from Muckway's Post House who is our cinematographer and editor. Noah Gunderson who is our Gaffer and 2nd Camera. Christina Motel from Flashing Star Productions who is our Producer.

If you or someone you know is experiencing paranormal activity and would like clarification and answers, contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Grave Seekers: About Me
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