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Below is various social media of Indigo Seeress. Podcast/Live Interviews, Instagram, and videos. Enjoy!

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Tom and Amy Paranormal Mysteries

Tom and Amy from England interview Indigo Seeress and discuss being a psychic/medium, reading tarot and oracle cards, sharing paranormal experiences and live personal readings and a reading for one of their haunted dolls. Spooky!


Quite Unusual Podcast

Join Nicole and Noelle who interview Indigo Seeress about what's it like being a psychic/medium, sharing paranormal investigation experiences, and how to read cards. Live readings were provided but were cut out do to how personal they were. Enjoy!


How's It Haunting?

How's It Haunting interviewed Grave Seekers after their first official investigation. It is discussed how science and the spiritual are worked in together for paranormal investigations. Watch and learn more about Wes and Jamie aka Indigo Seeress.

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