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Services I Offer

Psychic/Tarot Reading, Mediumship Reading, and Dream Interpretation can be completed via telephone, Zoom/Skype, or email.
Paranormal consultation and investigations are evaluated through email and are typically conducted at the location of the suspected haunting.


Psychic/Tarot Reading

For this service, I first tune in psychically to see what information is presented. I then may pull some tarot and oracle cards to gain further understanding. I find that the majority of these readings tend to focus on life path/life purpose and often gets to the core of things in what needs to change or what you can do to overcome any obstacles. Sometimes a spirit guide or past loved one will come through with a stronger message and I will notify you of this presence and if you would like to hear from them.


Medium Reading

These sessions focus solely on connecting with your spirit guides, angels, and past loved ones. I've even had past pets come through!


Paranormal Investigation

Feel your place is haunted and need help? I am a part of two paranormal investigation teams: Grave Seekers and Dark Corner Investigations Midwest.  Reach out if you are having paranormal experiences as we want to help you.


Dream Interpretation

Do you keep having a reoccurring dream? Did you have a dream that you just cannot get your mind off of? Let me help you gain a deeper understanding of the dream meaning. Pulling my psychology background as well as utilizing my psychic-medium skills, I can assist you figuring out what your subconscious is trying to let you know.

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